EC-2.1 Waterfall Algae Scrubber


The EC-2.1 is the most recent version of our waterfall algae filtration system available and is the easiest scrubber to clean and maintain, besides that it's manufactured using laser cut techonology giving a precise assembly that brings extra strength and durability to the scrubber.

It uses two EAGL-8W led lamps that bring the best light spectrum for achieving great algae growth and has international electric certification and a voltage range that allows it to work either in america or europe.

Nutrient control by using algae growth has many advantages, that is why many people use it on their aquariums and ponds

From all the ways there are to growth algae in a tank the waterfall scrubber that grows algae on a suspended plastic screen has shown to be the most effective.



The name EC-2.1 come from Easy Clean version 2.1, and that is the main purpose on the design of this product, easy cleaning and maintenace

With that objective in mind we eliminated the need tointerrupt the water flow or unscrewing any fitting to be able to remove the screen and clean it

This is achieved because the EC-2.1 doesn't uses a slotted pipe to deliver the water flow to the screen, instead it used two spray bars that flow directly on both sides of the screen giving a nice an even flow though it.

It also includes a very easy sliding mechanism to remove the screen from the top of the scrubber.

The EC-2.1 uses a false bottom to foster 3D algae growth and to force the water flow towards the walls and away from the drain preventing any noise and making it completely silent

In case the main drain gets clogged the EC-2.1 has an emergency drain to prevent water from overflowing the scrubber into electric parts.



  • Built in heat resistant 3 mm acryllic.
  • Laser cut ans slotted assembly that brings extra strenght to the scrubber
  • 1" Main drain with false bottom to foster 3D algae growth and prevent noise
  • 1" Emergency drain
  • LED lighting using 2 EAGL-8W lamps mounted over E27 sockets
  • Dimensions: 230 mm main body length + 60 mm for the emergency drain + 20 mm for the lamp holders, 190 mm width, 141 mm height + 60 mm main drain coupler.
  • Total packaged weight 2.4 Kg.
  • Power consumption 18 watts
  • Required water flow 280 gph
  • 8" x 3" effective algae screen area lit by both sides giving the following nutrient export capacity:
- 2 Frozen cube, or
- 20 Pinches of flake, or
- 20 Square inches (62 square cm) of nori, or
- 5.6 grams of pellets


How to buy?

The price of the EC-2.1 is $290.00 USD + shipping

Please contact us directly using our contact formto find a distributor near you

If you live in Mexico please open the spanish version of this page so you can purchase directly from us.