9W LED Algae Grow Light Bulb

Forget about soldering and gluing individual leds, adjusting led drivers, implementing reflectors and all the trouble involved in making you own personalized grow light for your algae scrubber.

Just screw this bulb in a standard E27 socket and start enjoying the benfits of LED grow light with included reflectors

Using 660 nm and 450-465 nm wavelengths specifically to foster algae grow by impacting directly the chlorophyll adsorption light bands in algae



This bulb is perfect to promote sustained growth on algae and plants making it perfect for applications like:

  1. Algae filters, Waterfall, Upflow or any type
  2. Algae Refugiums
  3. Ornate plants growth and flowering

This light bulb doesn't need any special drivers, starters or anything, just screw it in a standard E27 socket and you are ready to go.

Perfect for improving performance on existing Algae Scrubbers using CFL energy saving light bulbs.

Every LED has it's own reflector so you no longer need bulky reflectors.

It's lighting intensity is comparable to a 18 watt CFL light spiral with added reflector and in the specific spectral specifications required for plants and algae.


  • E27 Standard Base
  • 340 degree rotating base to position the bulb once in place.
  • 85V - 265V Input Voltage.
  • 9W power consumption, 8W for leds
  • 7 red leds at 660nm
  • 1 blue led at 450-465nm
  • Individual 160 degree polished aluminum reflector for each individual LED
  • CE and RoHS certified.
  • Power Factor > 95%.
  • Weight 225 gr.
  • Durability 50,000 hrs.
  • Dimensions: 182 mm long x 39.5 mm diameter


How to buy?

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