About algae based nutrient export

(This translation has been done automatically so please forgive any mistakes, soon we will update this section with real translation)

Algae is a paramount lifestyle has evolved into a highly efficient organization that is able to consume inorganic compounds and the use of light and through the fotosisntesis convert organic matter and living tissue.

To the fortune of many, or rather of almost every living thing on the planet, taking key nutrients to sustain the algae are inorganic nutrients precisely where most of the organic waste from almost any life ends after be descompuetsos by bacteria, nitrates and phosphates.

In the world of aquariums, tropical and marine and reef, to be closed systems, concentrations of nitrates and phosphates tend to increase constantly forcing water changes and many other strategies for reducing them.

Giving the algae an ideal place to grow and flourish, water, air, base to base their nutrients and proper lighting will cause algae to grow and absorb or remove nitrates and phosphates such water turning them into their own living tissue, in this way enables us to remove the algae manually removing the system are all the nutrients that you used for algae growth.