Algae Filtration

EC-2.1 Waterfall Algae Scrubber

The EC-2.1 is the most recent version of our waterfall algae filtration system available and is the easiest scrubber to clean and maintain, besides that it's manufactured using laser cut techonology giving a precise assembly that brings extra strength and durability to the scrubber.

It uses two EAGL-8W led lamps that bring the best light spectrum for achieving great algae growth and has international electric certification and a voltage range that allows it to work either in america or europe.

Nutrient control by using algae growth has many advantages, that is why many people use it on their aquariums and ponds

From all the ways there are to growth algae in a tank the waterfall scrubber that grows algae on a suspended plastic screen has shown to be the most effective.



9W LED Algae Grow Light Bulb

Forget about soldering and gluing individual leds, adjusting led drivers, implementing reflectors and all the trouble involved in making you own personalized grow light for your algae scrubber.

Just screw this bulb in a standard E27 socket and start enjoying the benfits of LED grow light with included reflectors

Using 660 nm and 450-465 nm wavelengths specifically to foster algae grow by impacting directly the chlorophyll adsorption light bands in algae



About algae based nutrient export

The idea of using algae growth to export nutrients on marine or reef aquarium has been around for many decades with successful results in many many cases